Floss action Oral B Replacement Brush Heads- Pk of 12


  • CLEAN & FRESH – Oral B replacement brush heads promote gum health by seeping away plaque and providing you with a full mouth cleaning, using the top-quality bristles of the floss action electric toothbrush heads.
  • FLOSS ACTION – Oralb replacement brush heads oscillate, rotate and pulsate throughout the mouth, allowing the oral-b compatible flossaction bristles to clean each tooth.
  • TOP QUALITY – These Generic Replacement Heads FDA Approved And Meet Our Customers Quality Standards Within Their Budget! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • FITS AN ENTIRE LINEUP OF ORALB BASES, including (but not only) the Oral B 5000 Oral B Oral B PRO 500 Oral B 1000 Oral B 3000 Oral B 6000 Oral B 7000 Oral B 8000 Oral B Vitality
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – 12 Electric Toothbrush Heads For The Entire Family. Stock up for the next few months.. PLUS color coded identification rings on the bottom of the oral b replacement handles allow you to share this package with many people and never mix up the brushes!


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